Boston Innovation Capital (BIC), member SIPC / FINRAis a firm that was spun out of Life Science Nation (LSN) in 2015 to address an unmet need among early stage scientist-entrepreneurs for tactical, hands-on assistance in packaging technologies and management teams and in helping them execute fundraising campaigns in the biotech and medtech arenas. 


Scientist-entrepreneurs raising capital to bring their assets towards commercialization are faced with few choices when seeking outside help for fundraising.  In the past these choices would include small scale investment banks and former bankers or industry executives who may or may not be associated with a broker-dealer.  Most cannot provide the global reach and scale of service that allows a scientist entrepreneur to see a clear and expeditious path to capital.  


Boston Innovation Capital was created to provide this global service, and help new life science technologies take the next step towards the market.

Our Expertise


• Providing access to all types of investors worldwide

• Extensive Pharma experience evaluating external opportunities

• Knowledge of the current areas of interest to industry and investors

• Knowledge of how to engage the interest of potential strategic partners

• Understanding of how to navigate the Pharma/Medtech deal-making process

• Understanding of what a typical industry opportunity triage process invovles and who the stakeholders are

• Ability to assist clients in developing a compelling technical story



“Contracting Boston Innovation Capital was definitely more cost-effective than enhancing my staff with a high quality senior fundraising executive (who would be very hard to find).  They had excellent results and provided first rate support and communications.  I would recommend BIC to anyone trying to raise significant money for a life science startup.”


“No one offers the value proposition of BIC. The combination of marketing services and professional investor outreach are incredibly valuable for early stage companies that often have no idea how much work it takes.”


- CEO of Preclinical Therapeutic Company

*  The testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers.

*  The testimonial is no guarantee of future performance or success.

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Phone: (617) 275-7008

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