Case Study: Preclinical Therapeutic Company

• BIC used Life Science Nation (LSN)'s Investor Platform to identify a list of qualified investor prospects

• The client provided BIC access to a list of their pre-existing prospects

• BIC screened both lists to identify likely candidates

• BIC was left with a list of 138 qualified investor prospects to engage


Summary of Outreach
Meetings Booked

• BIC was able to book 25 meetings with qualified investors over the course of 12 weeks

• It took an average of 15 phone calls and 23 emails to book a single meeting

• Investor Type Highlights

- Angel Groups

- Corporate VC

- Family Offices and Private Funds

- Government Organization

- Large Pharma

- Patient Groups

- Private Equity

- Venture Capital


Future Opportunities

• 21 investors said they could not engage at present but were interested in meeting with the company in the future, with timetables for later engagement.


• Reasons for deferring interest:

- Fund is raising capital

- Need additional clinical data

- Need lead investor

- Too small of a round

- Incompatible with current portfolio


• Investor Type Highlights

- Corporate VC

- Private Equity

- Large Pharma


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