Getting a Founding Team “Packaged Up” for a Fundraising Campaign

In the U.S., “packaging” a company is a core function that investment banks and underwriters participate in when getting a firm ready to execute an IPO.


They spend many months grooming and coaching the executive team, getting the story straight, developing the company’s brand and message, and creating professional marketing collateral that supports a successful road show.


This key element has not yet been translated to the early stage fundraising arena, despite an obvious and compelling need to raise capital.


Through BIC’s relationship with Life Science Nation, we can prepare a management team for a successful campaign.  A well-presented opportunity allows investors to make decisions based on the clients’ technology and management team, rather than dismiss the company based on inadequate presentation materials or poor company branding and messaging. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming amount of material that investors are bombarded with, poorly presented companies don’t even make it to a meeting, no matter how compelling their technology may be.  

A Tactical Hands-on Program

Primary components of the BIC fundraising program include:


• Helping to develop a corporate brand that highlights technology and team

• Creating all necessary marketing collateral, including a logo, tagline, elevator pitch executive summary and PowerPoint presentation

• Developing an investor-centric website consistent with brand identity that targets investors and plays a core role in the fundraising strategy.

• Assisting in establishing a cloud based infrastructure to manage the campaign tasks and logistics, and train fundraising executives in the use of this infrastructure.  This includes content management, email marketing and reporting software, and CRM systems to facilitate and manage outbound fundraising campaigns.

• Developing a global target list of investors using the Life Science Nation Investor Platform

• Supporting an outbound campaign with advice, training and coaching on best practices for fundraising

• Conducting an email campaign

• Conducting outbound phone canvassing

• Scheduling a road trip

• Running investor meetings

• Planning follow up tasks and next step tactics


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