Our Expertise

Boston Innovation Capital Understands How to Successfully Engage Pharma/MedTech

• Providing access to all types of investors worldwide

• Extensive Pharma experience evaluating external opportunities

• Knowledge of the current areas of interest to industry and investors

• Knowledge of how to engage the interest of potential strategic partners

• Understanding of how to navigate the Pharma/Medtech deal-making process

• Understanding of what a typical industry opportunity triage process invovles and who the stakeholders are

• Ability to assist clients in developing a compelling technical story

BIC Process and Value
  • Due diligence process to select candidates we wish to engage with

  • Utilize LSN Investor Platform to identify 250-350 leads around the globe

  • Parse through broad list to developed a prioritized focused list of 150-250 leads

  • Analysts tailor daily investor research around client’s sector, stage, and indication to continually identify new investor contacts

  • Develop introductory email based on company position and future direction

  • Team of analysts execute outreach campaign to their personal investor contacts in order to book intro meetings and calls

  • Provide access to a custom tailored Salesforce CRM with real time, transparent tracking of all investor accounts including emails and calls made to each investor

  • Weekly calls with Management to go over status of in dialogue accounts and outreach plan

  • Analyst sit in on investor calls taking notes and providing feedback from every call

  • Continually work with Management to tweak marketing materials in response to market sentiment

  • 2 tickets and full partnering service at all RESI Conferences while under retainer (Up to 16 1-on-1 meetings per conference)

Boston Innovation Capital Can Guide You Through the Process 

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